When you’re living in lower part of the apartment complex, the noise coming from your upstairs neighbors due to footsteps as well as dragging or dropping of different items can be too loud and may prove to be quite irritating to your liking. It’s particularly true when the floors of your apartments for rent are made using hardwood rather than carpet and noise help a great deal in getting these noises amplified. Different steps can be taken by you for reducing noise coming from your upstairs neighbors.

You can talk to the neighbors about the noise generated by them. It is possible that they may not be aware of the loudness of the noise they make and might be making more of noise compared to what they might have thought. You can demonstrate to your neighbors in apartments for rent in las vegas that how it sounds to you when

you hear the noise downstairs by having them seated on lower level as well as walking around and dropping the items. Quite possibly, they’ll become more mindful of the noise they make if you manage to make them understand what kind of noise is produced by them and how annoying it can be for you.

Based on the condition you may be living in, you may be able to fill some kind of insulation in the space present between ceiling of first floor and the floor of the second floor. You can either do it on your own or can also hire some company for filling this space out. When living in rented apartments in vegas, it may be possible for you to have no right of filling insulation in this space, however, you can contact the landlord and inform him that if insulation is added then it can prove to be helpful in solving your problem.

If the floor of upper level uses hardwood then it can be carpeted. Sound can be absorbed by carpeting and what you hear in your apartment would not be too much. You can ask the landlord or property management to think about this and install a carpet in your neighbor’s apartment for fixing this problem that you may be facing. In case if the landlord disagrees on this, or if you decide otherwise, it can be good to advise your neighbor upstairs to buy a thick rug to be placed in the area that receives lots of movement or foot traffic.

Another good option that you can have for reducing noise coming into your rental apartment in las vegas would be to hang curtains at all the windows. Just like the carpets, these curtains will also be a source of absorbing any noise coming from upstairs apartments and the amplification will be dulled. You can also be able to achieve same kind of effect by hanging tapestries from to bottom at your apartment’s walls.

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